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Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes are at Tickle Pink! 
Since May 2017, I have been honored to be among a select few stores to stock and fit the Siberian Swan Pointe Shoe! This pointe shoe is still relatively new on the market but it appears to be gaining steam among young dancers in the US. I am beyond proud to be able to offer this shoe in my store as well as virtually to dancers who are looking to try but cannot do so in their local stores. 

​     "The purpose was not merely to make something “new” but to overcome the shortcomings of existing products             using innovative techniques." ~ Siberian Swan .. 

Here is a quick link to the story behind the Siberian Swan ... While you are there, browse the website! 

There are two models available to dancers .. both professional and student. 
Pavlova for the more tapered foot and the Karsavina more suitable for the dancer who needs a broader platform.
Both models are available in a variety of lengths, four different widths and three shank strengths.
This is truly a shoe Created by Dancers for Dancers. Siberian Swan, using modern technology, has created a pointe shoe that stands up to the rigors of today's classical and contemporary ballet. 

Features at a glance:
  • Plastic shank engineered with modern computer-aided design capabilities. 
  • Active Arch Support: Siberian Swan's patented design. This design enables the shoe to break just below the heel which allows the dancer's foot to stay straight up and down in the box thus reducing the pressure on the toes. 
  • Conventional box design that also boasts an extra layer of epoxy on the platform inside the shoe to increase the box's durability.
  • Siberian Cedar Tree Oils are used in the creation of the shoe. Cedar oil wicks away moisture adding a level of antimicrobial properties that protects the feet, keeps the box drier and ... have I mentioned how good it smells? 
  • A thin layer of foam just under the outer fabric on the platform making it one of the quietest shoes on the market

What are our customers saying about these shoes?  ​
  • Stable
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Quiet
And my personal favorite ....
  • Comfortable
  • ​No pain! No pressure
  • ​"My balance and turns are so much better"

Here are some of my favorite fittings with Siberian Swan Pointe 
Shoes ... some are in-store or in-studio and some are virtual ...

If you need any additional information, please email me at:
I'll be more than happy to answer questions and / or schedule
a fitting. 

Siberian Swan Pointe Shoes .. Enjoy! 
The dancers of the 
Russian State Ballet of Siberia 
Read more!
"The dancers enthusiastically participated in the design and testing phases, knowing that their involvement in the creative process—and their suggestions—would make a real difference in their day-to-day lives—by giving them a comfortable shoe to use in class, rehearsal, and performance.
Their ballet company tours across Europe for four months out of each year, thus they know exactly what they need in their shoes." ~ Siberian Swan