Tickle Pink Performance Wear
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Our Pointe Shoe Accessories
We choose pointe shoe accessories from Capezio, Pillows for Pointes and Russian Pointe! From sewing your ribbons ~ storing your pointe shoes or for your pointe shoe comfort, we have a wide variety of products to meet your needs!

Toe pads we like best include:
Bunheads Ouch Pouches
Bunheads Lambs Wool
Pillows for Pointes: Super Gellows, Extra Long Super Gellows, Lambs Wool Toe Pillows with and without gel, Extra Long Lambs Wool Toe Pillows, Soft Seam Toe Pillows
Russian Pointe Toe Pads

Fitting products include:
Bunheads Clear Stretch Tips
Bunheads Jelly Toes
Bunheads Spacers and more!

Ribbons we love!
Russian Pointe stretch ribbons
Russian Pointe satin ribbons
Pillows for Pointes ribbons in satin or stretch 

We love to stock Russian Pointe Mesh Pointe Shoe Bags, Pointe Shoe Glue by Pillows for Pointes, Russian Pointe Sewing Kits and more!

If we don't have a ribbon or a toe pad you love, please ask! We may be able to get it in for you!