Tickle Pink Performance Wear
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Accessories We Love
Whether you are looking for a warm up sweater, rip stop pants, legwarmers or booties .. we can help you!
If you want to add the perfect skirt to your new leotard .. we can help you! 
If we don't have what you are looking for .. ask us! 

Body Wrappers and Capezio wrap sweaters
Body Wrappers rip stop pants available in black, purple and teal. Adult sizes currently in stock but children's sizes are available.
Legwarmers by Body Wrappers are in stock in pink and black.
Russian Pointe fleece booties are in stock for adults. Quilted booties by Russian Pointe are also available.
Body Wrappers skirts for adults and children are a very popular item for us! Come see what we have available! 

We stock dance bags for children and adults.
Russian Pointe Mesh Pointe Shoe Bags are awesome for airing out sweaty pointe shoes! 

If it is a hair supply you need, we carry those too! 
    Bunheads: Hair nets, bobby pins, hair pins, bun builders.
    Russian Pointe: Headbands: wide and not so wide!

We even have stinky feet spray, talc and more!